Vasorum Launches Celt ACD Second Generation Vascular Closure Device in the USA

DUBLIN, Ireland, September 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —
Vasorum Ltd, following FDA approval of its PMA supplement, the developer and manufacturer of the novel Celt ACD vascular closure device has added a 7F sized Celt ACD device to its Celt ACD 6F and Celt ACD 5F size range in the USA. Celt ACD is indicated for arterial puncture closure in both diagnostic and interventional cardiology and radiology patients. Celt ACD offers excellent time to hemostasis in a wide variety of clinical situations. The second generation Celt ACD devices now available in both the USA and Europe have a new improved delivery system which has been designed to enhance the user experience during deployment.

The first commercial cases in the USA have been carried out by Dr. Shing-Chiu Wong, Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. Based on his use, Dr Wong commented that the “Celt ACD range of closure devices are addressing the clear need for quicker and more efficient methods of increasing patient throughput in healthcare facilities, and they provide doctors and patients with a solution which can efficiently manage arterial closure following vascular procedures.” Clinical cases have also been carried out by Dr Richard Kovach, Division Director, Interventional Cardiology and Medical Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Deborah Heart and Lung, Browns Mills, New Jersey. Dr Kovach commented that he “was impressed with the performance of Celt ACD in patients with severe arterial disease undergoing complex interventional procedures.” Additionally, he believes that “Celt ACD has the potential to become the workhorse closure device in cath labs.”

There are currently over 8 million catheter procedures performed annually, which support an estimated $1bn femoral artery closure device market. The number of procedures is expected to exceed 10 million by 2020. In addition to interventional cardiology procedures, the market growth is being driven by an increasing number of peripheral vascular, neuro-vascular and other catheter procedures which demand more patient friendly devices and more efficient patient discharge from hospitals. Given its ease of use and wide clinical applicability, Celt ACD is well positioned to address this broad and growing market opportunity.

“To date in Europe, Celt ACD has proven itself to be a best in class arterial puncture closure device. Celt ACD allows immediate closure of multiple re-sticks in calcified vessels and is also very comfortable for patients. The launch of the expanded Celt ACD range in the USA is a very significant milestone for Vasorum,” stated James Coleman MD, co-founder and CEO of Vasorum.

About Vasorum Ltd.
Vasorum Ltd. is an Irish medical device research and development company supported by Enterprise Ireland that has developed Celt ACD, a single use femoral artery puncture closure device in three sizes for safe and effective closure of 5F, 6F and 7F punctures. Celt ACD was designed to be more clinically versatile than other closure devices and allows physicians to carry out multiple re-stick procedures and address a broader range of clinical situations and patient anatomies. Furthermore the device was designed to help achieve more efficient workflow in the cath lab, by achieving rapid and definitive closure and allowing for early ambulation of the patient. Celt ACD is currently being used in Europe by cardiologists, radiologists, angiologists and endovascular surgeons with excellent clinical feedback. The technology pipeline includes the development of Celt ACD to close 12-14F punctures.

Further information contact:
James Coleman MD
CEO, Vasorum, Dublin, Ireland
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +353-1-403-5460

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