Celt ACD®

Definitive Closure.

Patient closures

Proven reliability in a wide
range of interventional
and diagnostic procedures

Rapid, active, sustained

In patients who have
undergone diagnostic or
interventional arterial
catheterization procedures

3 Simple stages to
femoral closure

Indicated for percutaneous
closure of femoral artery
puncture sites

Effective in
challenging patients

Effective in calcified vessels,
antegrade punctures and
side-stick situations

Early ambulation
& discharge

Rapid hemostasis enables
prompt ambulation at
physician discretion

Definitive Closure.

The CELT ACD System is a next generation vascular closure device providing safe, effective and reliable closure of femoral arterial access sites following catheterization procedures with 5F to 7F sheaths.1 2 3

Designed for procedural efficiency, the CELT ACD device provides rapid and complete hemostasis in anticoagulated patients without limitations in calcified vessels.1 2 3

The one-piece implant actively seals the puncture to minimize risk of late bleeding.3

This safe and effective approach to small bore arterial closure enables early ambulation and discharge, per physician discretion, to simplify workflow, transform the patient experience, and reduce overall cost of care. 3 4 5 6

Case Study Short post-procedural bedrest using a vascular closure device in the femoral artery: Is it possible?

Elective closure of a femoral arterial puncture inter-operatively to facilitate immediate ambulation for patient to have a bowel movement, then return to the procedure room for re-access, case completion and re-closure through the same common femoral artery.

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Publications The CELT ACD Trial - Wong et al.

Objectives: This study compared the performance of Celt ACDVR, a novel stainless steel based vascular closure device versus manual compression for femoral arteriotomy site hemostasis in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary procedures.

Conclusions: After 6-F percutaneous invasive procedures in fully anticoagulated patients, TTH was signifi-cantly reduced in patients assigned to Celt ACDVR compared to patients managed with MC. The 30-day rates of vascular complications were similarly low in both groups. (CELT ACD Trial; NCT01600482)

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BGF announces multi-million investment in Vasorum – high-growth medical device business based in Dublin Ireland

BGF – Ireland’s largest growth capital investor – has completed a €6 million equity investment in Vasorum Limited. Vasorum is a Dublin based high-growth medical device business specialising in sophisticated devices used to close arterial punctures in vascular, cardiology, radiology and neuro-radiology procedures. BGF invests in minority positions in growing businesses and aims to support and…

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